Top Shelf Cannabis Review #2: Grape Diesel [Hybrid] from Goldleaf Gardens; Seattle, Wa – by #KushSmokers – Powered by Steem
# 🔥 Top Shelf Cannabis Reviews:🔥 Grape Diesel [Hybrid] from [GoldLeaf Gardens](; Seattle, Washington
[Grape Diesel]( has to be one of my all time favorite strains not only because of the unique flavors involved, but the effects are very unique as well, which lends to a very creative, fun and interesting experience each time. This specific strain is from a company called [Goldleaf Gardens](, who have been in business in Washington for almost as long as our last #TopShelfCannabisReviews farm; [FireBros]( Now as you can tell I am not one to purchase low quality cannabis nor waste your time with a review of such a product, but these last two strains are quite honestly from two of the best farms in our state, and the quality shows every single time.

# A Few Teaser Shots:
# Alright, let’s get to this #TopShelfCannabisReviews review already!
I purchase Goldleaf products weekly, from their 6 star ice hash down to their flower it’s always 100% top shelf and while you can never go wrong with such a company, the cost is a bit higher than average, coming in around $50-$60 per 1/8th of flower and around $60 per gram of concentrate, but you get what you pay for and this stuff is no joke.

The flavor is a very sweet but also a very thick smoke that gives you an almost instant head high and while the effects aren’t very strong after a couple hits, the more you smoke, the harder the effects compound, which is always nice for getting to the perfect level and sort of dosing a bit easier.

The longer/more you smoke, the more relaxed you will feel, but if you use this strain in small amounts it creates a more creative, fun and active effect, which makes for a great night of hanging out with friends, relaxing or just even doing some at home chores! Beware of the lingering after effects though, they tend to make you want to go lay down and watch TV after a while.
**As usual the close up video:**
[]( (20 second, slow motion up close nug shot video)

### Obviously the strain looks beautiful as well, that goes without saying, the care given to this plant and the light green/orange colors makes for a awesome, magazine worthy strain. ###

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How the Terpenes in Cannabis Affect Your High, And You.. – by Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD. – #KushSmokers / Powered By Steem
# How Terpenes Affect Your High – by Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD. [@emilyearlenbaugh]

When people talk about the differences between strains, there is a lot of talk about levels or ratios of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Some people think high THC strains are the most powerful and judge everything based on the percentage of THC. Some say that high CBD strains are the most medicinal, and care only about increasing that. Others say finding a balanced ratio between the two is best, or look to other cannabinoids for their desired effects. Still looking at these ratios only tells you so much. After all, strains with very different effects can have the same ratios of THC to CBD. Consider how some high THC strains can be very sedative, while others are incredibly energetic. This is because cannabis has much more to it than just THC and CBD – including over [85 identified cannabinoids]( and over [140 identified terpenes](

[Terpenes]( are the components responsible for the huge variety of smells and flavors present in the cannabis plant, but they have also been shown to be therapeutically helpful. These compounds interact in a lot of interesting ways to create the unique effects you can find with each genetic variety of cannabis. Interestingly, many of the terpenes commonly found in cannabis are also found in many of our favorite plants, like fruits, herbs and spices.

# Here are a few main terpenes you might want to get to know- and what effects they might have on your high, and you:

## Beta Caryophyllene
#### Adds to the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cannabis. It is also found in plants like Black Pepper.

## Linalool
#### Responsible for the scent in lavender. It is also a potent pain reliever and helps with depression anxiety and insomnia.

## Alpha Pinene
#### Anti-inflammatory agent and can help improve focus and memory. This is also found in Pine Needles.

## Limonene
#### Helps with appetite stimulation, inflammation, depression and anxiety. Found naturally in lemons.

## Humulene
#### Suppresses appetite, reduces pain, and acts as an antioxidant, and is found in Hops as well as cannabis.

### Myrcene
#### Reduces pain and helps with depression anxiety and insomnia. Also found in mangos.

**T**hese are just a few of some of the most prominent terpenes and their effects. But it is important to understand that these chemicals interact with each other in a large variety of ways, so it can be difficult to say what is causing what effect in a particular strain. When explaining how these compounds combine, researchers point to something called the ‘entourage effect’. The entourage effect is what happens when many different cannabinoids and terpenes are combined together.

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Top Shelf Cannabis Reviews: Blueberry Pancakes [Hybrid] from FireBros; Seattle, Wa – by #KushSmokers – Powered by Steem
# 1. A Little History on [FireBros](, and the #Seattle #Cannabis Industry.. aka i502.
Washington has only recently had recreational cannabis available for anyone 21+, not even 3 years ago we were still a medical state, which required anyone purchasing cannabis from a medical shop to have a doctor sponsored medical card, and the market was much different as well. Everything from product selection, vendor regulations, shop setups, taxation methods, governing bodies & generalized rules have all been changing ever since i502 was voted into existence. They still are changing as I write this..

Back in the day when medical was king, [FireBros]( was one of the premier growers in the market and was always gone as quickly as possible, so to find strains such as this back then and to find them consistently was very difficult. Hence my appreciation for this strain, and FireBros. They only recently were able to start selling their lovely flowers once again after almost 2 years of working behind the scenes to make the transition from Medical to Recreational Cannabis.

# 2. Introducing [Blueberry Pancakes](, this strain is by fair one of the tastiest I’ve had in years! Looks quite pretty too!

### Here’s a close up video I took as well: ### (I may need to upload this to youtube for embedding I guess, thoughts?)

# 3. It’s a very mellow hybrid, one of my all time favorites! The effects are perfect for a late night of relaxing, working on a Steem post or just chilling with some friends in the wilderness!
The flavor reminds me of a very earthy version of traditional blueberry but with some added sweetness and simply thinking about the flavor causes my mouth to water a bit. The high is a very indica heavy one but with a sort of pineapple express feeling of being a tad bit motivating, creative and focused, just enough to enjoy everything you are doing that evening! The terpene profile seems very balanced as well and theres no bogus 36% THC trying to catch my attention which is always nice.

This has to be one of those strains that confuses you if its Indica or Sativa, but for the most part you get the nice calm relaxation of a solid myrcene heavy Indica with a little bit of a Sativa heavy hybrid feel to level you out, which is the best type of mix to those of us with ADHD who still need to get things done on the daily.

All in all a top 10 strain, definitely the best one for #TopShelfCannabisReviews to start off with! And **$100 for 7g’s** of awesome deliciousness was not a half bad price for something more on the top shelf side of things.. and I got to support one of my old favorite medical shops that **finally** re-opened as a recreational shop [The Bakeree]( in Georgetown as well so that was a very cool feeling.

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How to talk to your doctor about cannabis

Getting a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana can feel like a daunting task, but it is a lot easier than most people think. Depending on where you live, you might be able to do it from the comfort of your own home! Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to talk to a doctor about getting a cannabis recommendation.

# Step 1) Check the Laws
The first step is to check the laws in your state to see whether medical cannabis is even an option. If you aren’t sure about the laws in your state []( gives detailed information about the laws in each state, so check and see whether medical cannabis recommendations for your condition are available where you live.

If your state doesn’t offer any cannabis options, don’t despair! Many states (California for one) offer recommendations to those who live out-of-state, so if you are able to travel, you may still be able to get a recommendation.

# Step 2) Get a Recommendation from a Cannabis Doctor
If you want to maximize your chances of getting a recommendation, looking for a doctor who specializes in cannabinoid medicine is crucial. Education about cannabis is sorely lacking in medical schools and few doctors have enough knowledge about cannabis to feel comfortable recommending cannabis themselves.


When I first started exploring cannabis as an option, I talked to my general practitioner about it. Even though I was in California, where medical use of cannabis has been legal for decades, my doctor seemed scandalized that I would even mention it. He told me “We don’t do that here” and brusquely ignored my questions about whether it might help. I was so taken aback by the experience that it took me a little while to work up the courage to ask another doctor. Other doctors were more compassionate with me, understanding that I might benefit from it’s use, but explaining that they couldn’t personally recommend it.

As it turns out, federal law prohibits doctors from prescribing medical cannabis because of it’s status as a schedule 1 drug. Doctors can recommend cannabis to their patients, but those interested as prescribing it can face harsh penalties from losing their license to practice, to jail time. Because of this few doctors are willing to recommend cannabis for their patients, even in states where it is legal, and in cases where it might help.

Luckily, there are doctors who have decided to dedicate their lives to treating patients with cannabis, and they are usually the most qualified people to talk to. You can find them on websites like []( or []( These sites list doctors in areas where cannabis is legal, so you can just type in your zip code and find the doctor closest to you. You can call to make an appointment but most offices also allow walk ins. If you live in California,

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Welcome our First Freelance #KushSmokers Author! – Why I left academia to teach people about cannabis – By Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD (My First Steem Article!)


# Why I left academia to teach people about cannabis – By Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD (@emilyearlenbaugh)

People often ask me why I left academia to pursue a life of education in the cannabis industry. For me, the answer is simple. Cannabis changed my life – and helping others find the same transformation is more fulfilling than anything I was doing in the academic world.

Before cannabis, I felt sick on every day of my life. With multiple chronic pain, anxiety & fatigue conditions, **the best way to describe my health is that my body is on high alert… all the time.**

My childhood was painful. With constant anxiety, and an overactive immune response, I was nauseous every day – not to mention exhausted, with a tense, aching body, unfocused mind, allergic responses like runny nose, sore throat and acne, and a seemingly unending line of recurring flus, colds and mysterious illnesses. As I got older, it only got worse.

I grew up on the east coast, in New Jersey, where cannabis was not a medical options at the time, and was put on several heavy prescription medications by my doctors to manage my symptoms. These helped but after a few years, the prescriptions stopped working. In fact, they stopped working and started giving me even worse symptoms than I started with.

Unfortunately, I was chemically addicted to the medications at that point and I couldn’t stop them without going through a lengthy and painful withdrawal process. If I stopped taking these medications abruptly, I put myself at risk for potentially deadly seizures.

Luckily, by the time these prescriptions had stopped helping, I had moved to California for graduate school, where cannabis was an option. With help from cannabis, I was able to replace and withdraw off of the dangerous and addictive prescription medications completely.

Cannabis was completely life changing. **I went from being so sick, I was unable to get out of bed most days, to working full time and still having enough energy to spend time with my friends and family.**

### However, during this process, I found **there was a huge learning curve, before I was able to figure out which cannabis products actually worked for me.**
Sometimes the cannabis would work incredibly well, and other times it seemed like it was making things worse, giving me negative side effects like anxiety or headaches. It was a learning process that involved a lot of uncomfortable highs and money wasted on the wrong strains.

Eventually, I started to utilize some of the tools I had discovered through my academic research. My doctorate and academic expertise is in the philosophy of science and specifically research methods used to study subjective internal states like happiness, well-being, or pain. With cannabis, I was needing to track my own subjective reactions to different types of cannabis.

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Why you should support, follow and use #KushSmokers /@KushSmokers! Top 5 reasons #KushSmokers is going to bring thousands of users into the #Steem blockchain.


# 1. We are the first cannabis focused Steemit onboarding portal & brand, with very ambitious plans to grow the Steem community.
People have posted content in the #marijuana and #cannabis hashtags, but with #KushSmokers we are going to up the bar and start an entire brand that operates as a on-boarding portal for Steem, whether the user is going to be using Zappl, SteepShot, ChainBB or just Steemit is of no concern to us, as our main goal is to spread the love, and recruit the next generation of Steemian workers. (We’re Gen 1, duh!) With that being said there isn’t enough time in the day to explain all of the plans and ideas that are on the table, but one day I hope we will be able to say, hey look, we built that and hopefully we can create a community within a community here, whether that means we all check for the latest cannabis content is still being decided, when the new UX and UI for goes live, those choices can be made. Beyond that we hope to facilitate quality content creation, recruit solid authors and empower them to be successful! We will also get a Streemian trail set up so we can all follow @kushsmokers and never miss upvoting another good new author again!

# 2. We are all skilled, longtime users of Steem, and those that aren’t or that are new recruits will be brought up to speed, which is the first goal.
Now you may be thinking, why do we need thousands of new noobs? And that is the mainn thing this project is NOT, each author that is posted on @kushsmokers account will be vetted, interviewed and brought on board to the ‘Steemit KushSmokers DAO’. After this point authors are educated on Steem by @Decentralizd, at which time any questions, concerns or misunderstandings can be cleared up. I have already educated hundreds of people on Steem, and Bitcoin and I have a very good sense and game plan for getting people up to speed and giving them the knowledge to make an impact on Steem.

# 3. #KushSmokers is also a grass roots movement, after building the #cannabis community here within Steem, we plan to mobilize it.
Not only is KushSmokers going to be a brand and on-boarding portal, it will also double as a grass roots movement for cannabis legalization around the world. The money we raise from the 25% of our authors is not just for show, this money and influence can be used around the entire world to help forward progress on legalization, decriminalization, and above all else, acceptance of this new world we live in and are sprinting towards. **Imagine the power of a grassroots movement that cannot be silenced, due to the nature of the Steem Blockchain, now that is one powerful tool**.

# 4. We are creating a blue print on how to kick start niche’s within the Steem community,

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What to do in California when you didn’t bring any flowers? Become a Medical patient, like duh!

# 1. I ended up in South Lake Tahoe, California this week, and seeing as I flew, I didn’t bring much outside of my vaporizer and 1g of oils.. well that just wasn’t gunna do, so I started thinking about places to get some fire flowers..

We landed in Reno around 11am, and while I took a few fat dabs around 6am before we left Seattle, I was already starting to get bored of my Vape Pen, so I decided to find the closest recreational shop in Nevada, and after 5 minutes of googling I was utterly dissapointed. Nevada hasn’t gone recreational yet! Oh lord, what is a stoner such as myself to do? I started considering my options; buy weed from craiglist advertisers, bother some random guy who might think I’m crazy and/or find the closest, headiest smoke shop and flat out go in and ask for an Oz, that should solve my problems right?

**Wrong**. Even thought the [Buttermuffin Smoke Shop]( was the headiest around, being that I was in a tourist town in California where medical was still in charge, I was obviously told no, seeing as it was illegal for him to go buy me medical cannabis and sell it to me.

But, they did suggest that I just go apply for a medical card, which had never crossed my mind. Now don’t get me wrong I was a medical patient in WA for years, but that was also 2-3 years ago now and I never considered the option that California allows out of state patients. My mind was blown.

# 2. Well, that almost worked, but at least I know now I can get a medical card, no where was that Doctors office again? Google fu incoming, ah there it is.

I spent roughly 30 seconds googling until I found the place I was suggested to visit, it just so happened to be 10 minutes down the road, score! I headed that direction, and went straight into the waiting room, where I met some funny guys also getting their cards and were also out of staters. We chatted for a bit while I filled out my paperwork and they basically were like 10 yr olds in a candy store.. it was pretty funny actually. I spent a bit educating them on the laws up in Washington and what not, then it was my turn to interview with the Doctor, so we said our goodbyes and they headed out to go call a medical delivery service we had discussed while waiting… or so I thought.

# 3. The Medical Card Application Experience… followed by my first visit to a medical shop in years! I was so stoked!

So besides the fact that California wants to know as much information as you will give them, the visit was a welcoming one, with zero hassle and a very quick in and out procedure. I spent a total of 30 minutes inside,

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Premium cannabis at a reasonable prices & A little about me… and my first Steemit post :D

Well hello! this is my first #steemit post ever!!! I want to say first I love cannabis, I believe it’s beneficial to the medical industry for the patient’s that actually need it for cancer or any other qualified medical condition. Believe it should be affordable for all involved. I work for a recreational Marijuana Dispensary called Kush21 in the state of Washington.

Store Showcase

Every shift I hear how expensive weed is AND it’s not! Look you may be reading this in a state that only medical exist or a state where its criminalized but for a top dog 1/8th it’s about 50 bucks in shop… and for some, I can see that being an issue but think about before medical and before recreational a time where some Kat named his price and you got what you got! I live in Washington now but I am from Arizona and recreationally (not admitting guilt) cannabis cost about 60-65 a 1/8th give or take.

so #Kushsmokers let’s talk about this I have smoked $20 grams that have gotten me stoned to the bone and I have smoked the same weed for $5 and it too has done the job so here it is why I understand the $5 bag did the trick but it didn’t taste the best more like hay and smelt like a kinda dirty shoe not like the pungent dank stank of the $20 bag had. what process is taken to determine the potency maybe I need to learn more or maybe I just haven’t asked the right people the right questions. here soon I have to further my cannabis knowledge for my medical credentials so I can sell the medical patient’s their cannabis products without taxes on it which is pretty AMAZING! i love to learn and I love all things cannabis it is more than the buzz and it is more than the way it makes me feel this industry has changed and the people that are apart of it have changed too because of the weed industry i have met many many people and have shaken hands with some very wealthy gentlemen and all they do is grow, cultivate, package and process marijuana

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Come join us on in the BRAND NEW #KushSmokers channel for great #Cannabis content and chats!

![KushSmokers Logo](
# We are building a micro-community within Steem and invite everyone to join in on #KushSmokers!

Whether you are an ‘approved’ author or not doesn’t really matter as the entire basis of @KushSmokers is going to be our hashtag, #KushSmokers, where we hope to help nourish the #cannabis community and hope to use that tag to sort out the randoms from the quality content creators, quality curators and overall cannabis enthusiasts. We hope you will help us provide a quality cannabis experience for not only the Steemit community but also a welcoming grounds for new cannabis enthusiasts coming to Steemit from our campaigns outside of these lovely crypto walls.

# We decided, since **** is a huge starting point for newbies, that we needed a channel there. We asked, and received. Thus #KushSmokers channel is born.

Thanks to the kindness of our lovely friend @firepower, who was quick to add a channel for this lovely community we hope to build. Now we have one more place to share posts, hang out, chat or just discuss anything related to #marijuana! We hope you come to join us and help us grow this movement. Simply visit, sign up if you have not yet and search for the #kushsmokers channel in the left sidebar.

# We also plan to build a subreddit, a website (in the works, doing some testing currently), and a slack channel as well! But for now is plenty, so come say hello and introduce yourself!

There is much to get done in the coming weeks/months but first and foremost I am signing up authors that I feel are competent, have valid experience and are excited to write or produce content, not only will I help you get better at Steemit, as a community we will build together and grow together and after its been a few months I bet you’ll be excited every single day to think up new cannabis related content!

## Did you see our other recent #KushSmokers content?
[Ghost Writer Introduction: @Decentralizd, Cannabis Oriented Web Designer, Marketer, Enthusiast & Business Consultant.](

[What is #KushSmokers? The First Steemit Powered Cannabis Brand; Product Reviews, Store Walkthroughs & Cannabis News from industry insiders and curators.](

### **Don’t forget to follow, re-steem and upvote if you like our content!**

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Ghost Writer Introduction: @Decentralizd, Cannabis Oriented Web Designer, Marketer, Enthusiast & Business Consultant.

# Who is @Decentralizd, the lead blogger and pioneer of the @KushSmokers project?

I have been into Bitcoin as many of you know for quite some time now, I got my first Bitcoin around $90 and have been hooked since. Well when I found Steem last year the game was forever changed yet again, I have been posting, voting and overall being an ambassador for Steem since day 1, and I see no end in sight. I plan on trying to make #KushSmokers into something never before seen in either the Cannabis industry, or on Steem! So keep a close eye on us folks!

# Whats my background in Cannabis, what should you expect from my #KushSmokers posts?

I also happen to be an avid cannabis lover for 12 years as well and have worked in the cannabis industry for the past 5 years, ever since I quit my main job designing websites for companies and took a leap of faith to start over in a brand new industry as a budtender in the medical field of Washington State, at a little shop called “Delightful Caregivers”.

I spent 12-14 hours a day running a medical shop and building my experience with cannabis, even though I had been smoking for a little over 6 years prior to that, I still felt I was uneducated and needed some polishing so I decided working from the ground up was the best way to learn it. I went from making $35 an hour to $12 then quickly worked my way back up to roughly $22 an hour due to the hike in sales I had created for our shop, but that was short lived as Washington State voted for I502 and medical was over. We were all told to transition into the recreational field, where medical would one day make a return as a sideshow of recreational shops… le sigh. I eventually moved on to working in the recreational industry for some of the first stores to open such as Mary’s on Aurora, Grass & Glass! then later moved onto Rainier Cannabis & Kush21. I also work with Kush Klub in Shoreline and consult for many more friends and associates on a regular basis under my new business entity, “Ember Creative”.

## Here’s me at one my last shops showing one our favorite guys @CustomGrow420 (Yes I am going to invite him to Steemit obviously, soon) around Kush21, a Store in SeaTac, Washington!
!(Kush21 Walkthrough with Customgrow420)[]

### and here’s another video of me and some co-workers just for fun!
!(Kush21 Leafly Video)[]

Fast forward to today, I run a full-time business within the indsutry I love and am blogging about my life on Steemit… wow. Anyways, as far as my content goes; I plan to cover my favorite products, stores, strains and overall just give you a peak into my life as a cannabis oriented marketer,

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